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Il en a déjà été question plusieurs fois dans le forum, mais je viens de visionner la cassette correspondante, et je me suis bien amusé ! cœur

Bref, dans la saison 6 de FRIENDS, il y a une petite parodie de BTVS, transformé en film porno, joué par Phœbie !

Pour les curieux, je fais ci-dessous une copie du transcript VO de cette scène, trouvé sur le site du fan-club :

Joey et Ross entrent dans l'appartement de Monica, où se trouvent aussi Chandler et Rachel. Phœbe n'est pas présente. Ils apportent une vidéo-cassette porno.

Joey : (holds up the movie) " Phœbe's a porn star ! "

Al l: " What ? ! ! "

(They all run over to Joey and Ross, Chandler grabs the movie and reads the title.)

Chandler : " Phœbe Buffay in " Buffay : The Vampire Layer. " "

Rachel : " Oh my God ! "

Monica : " That's Phœbe ! Where did you get that ? "

Joey : " Well down at the adult video place down on Bleaker. "

Ross : " And-and I, and I saw that Joey was about to go in, so I ran in ahead of him to-to surprise him and, and then I pretended I didn't know he was in there. "

(They all kinda look at him.)

Rachel : " Wow! I mean, I just-I can't, I can't believe this. Y'know, I mean you think you know someone even, even Phœbe who's always been somewhat of a question mark. "

Monica : " This is so bizarre. I guess it kinda makes sense though, y'know she had such a terrible childhood. "

Chandler : " Hey, I had a terrible childhood and I don't do porn. "

Monica : " Yes, but you are dead inside. "

Joey : " All right well, I'd better take that back. "

Monica : " Wh-what, why? "

Joey : " We can't watch that ! I mean that's Phœbe ! "

Monica : " Yeah you're right, we can't-we shouldn't watch this. "

Rachel : " Absolutely not. "

Monica : (hands the tape back to Joey, but doesn't let him grab it) " Y'know maybe a little bit ! "

Rachel : " Probably just the first half. "

Joey : " No ! Hey no ! This is wrong you guys ! Phœbe's our friend ! Well, I'm not gonna watch it ! "

Ross : " Yeah ! Good for you Joe ! "

Joey : " Yeah. "

(Ross stands next to him for a second, then goes and watches the movie.)

(The movie starts, it's a vampire's lair and Buffay, The Vampire Layer enters dressed in leather and carrying a wooden stake. Suddenly, the vampire opens his coffin and sits up.)

Buffay, the Vampire Layer : " Ah, I thought I'd find you here, Nasforatool. "

The Vampire : " Buffay, are you going to plunge your stake into my dark places ? "

Buffay, the Vampire Layer : " Actually, I was kinda hoping it would be the other way around. "

(At this point, Buffay, the Vampire Layer and Nasforatool start to get it on. Of course, since this is network TV, we can only see the reactions of the gang to the film playing off screen.)

Monica : " Hold on a second ! What is that on her ankle ? "

Chandler : " Her ankle is what you're watching ? "

Rachel : " Well it's hard to tell… (Rachel gets up to get a closer look, only she's having some trouble.) Oh God, if she would just stop moving. "

Chandler : " She's just doing her job ! "

Joey : (sitting at the kitchen table with his back to the TV) " You sick bastards ! "

Rachel : " Oh, it's a tattoo ! That's weird, Phœbe doesn't… Wait that's Ursula ! That's not Phœbe that is Ursula ! "

(Upon hearing this, Joey can't turn his chair around fast enough and knocks it over.)

Joey : " Re ! Re ! Then I can watch that ! Rewind it ! Rewind it ! "

Phœbe : (entering) " Hey ! What's up ? (Sees the TV) Oh my God ! What am I doing ? ! ! "






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